Msxflash info site of OMNISOFT Msxflash Anno1970 Car-Detailing

Click on the video above to hear music

Here you can order the homepopclazzix disc (Original).
This disc is mady by Msxflash OMNISOFT (That's us).

This disc is mady right after the introduction of the Moonsound. On this disc are mainly Classic
numbers, some of them with a houze tune. Downunder you can zie witch numbers are on this disc.
The disc is made so that you can just put in the disc in your msx and the disc will start up with a
menu to choise and listen to the music. (simple made, so for everyone usable).


Axelf remix Fable Power of am natives
Rondoalaturc Recital Caesar
Musicaux Rag Enterainer Schubert Thema1 Cappucino
Nocturne Rag Skooter Servisch Liedje Carmenbizet Time
Chopin Popcorn Redhot Pianotechno1997 Odesya Rag
Time Ode To Cynthia